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Is the Dip-Set Reunion real or a publicity stunt?

While over the past few years there’s been controversy sorrounding the status of the relationship between Camron ,Jim Jones and Juelz Santana. After an unexpected live appearence on 106 n park with 50cent who at the time was on bad terms with fellow crew member and childhood friend Camron. The two had a battle of words live on the New Yorks radio station hot 97. Killah Cam showed how felt immediately by cutting all ties to the dipset movement and biulding a new crew the U.N. with his protege Vado. After several interviews from all the artist of the dipset without any talk of re uniting only promotion of their own individual brands you could clearly see the seperation of what once was a dynasty. Most recently there has been a new song release called ”Salute’ witch features all three frontline members of the dip’s all on one track again just like oldtimes!!

My question still remains is this a re union or publicity stunt ??


Check out to see what Cam had to say <<<