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She by far is one of the most celebrated celebrities in fashion. She manages to balance a marriage to Puerto Rican sensation Marc Anthony, motherhood, a successful acting career and being fashion icon effortlessly. While taking sometime away for the spotlight, The Bronx native tells Glamour mag she thought of her time away as ‘…maternity leave.’ Now that her twins Emma and Max are approaching their 2nd birthday, Jennifer is back to doing what she does best! While fans patiently await her next move, it’s great to know that we have pictures like this to remind us, that the once Fly Girl, from the hit show ‘In Livivng Color’ still has it! 

In a quote from the magazine, Jennifer speaks about her daughter and the suffering she will endure with her as she grows into adulthood!

On daughter Emme growing up:

I was talking about it with one of my girlfriends—the day our daughters come to us at 19 years old saying, “I want to get married.” And we know for damn sure that that’s not a good idea. Sometimes [Emme] is going to make mistakes, and she’s going to have to live through that, just like I did. I know my mother suffered with me through many things. I’m just going to be suffering on the sidelines.