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It has been a while now that my life had taken on a sense of expectation. It has been almost 3 months since I met Russell Simmons at a charity event In New York. It was Life Project for Africa – a fund raising event for the construction of a children’s hospital in Tanzania.  It was during this meeting that Uncle Rush commented that I should be modeling in New York and promised to help me.  I have been dreaming of this for a long time and hearing the promise from Uncle Rush, sent my heart racing as I saw my dream coming true. But my mind also told me that I have to slow down, because I have seen my dream dashed and promises evaporate. It is not because of people, but because this is how life is. Life is not as simple as we think.  But I never give up, it was not the time for me to give up now. Better still, Uncle Rush didn’t give up! He has been pushing and prodding me, always making sure that I am ready any time to respond for any call to modeling. But now I am sure that he was doing even more in New York as I continued with my life in Africa. It was a week ago that in an unexpected call, I rushed to New York, and after a glitzy dinner at the Hublot 2010 African Wildlife Foundation Charity dinner, I was able to see my dream come true and Uncle Rush fulfilled his promise and secured a modeling contract for me.

I believe in what the Bible says that ‘To the Man who strives and works, God lends a helping hand’. And that helping hand may come in the form of generous people like Uncle Rush who use their fame and influence to make an African girl’s dream come true. As I reflect on my journey from Africa to New York, I know that I have a longer journey ahead of me and probably a tougher one, as I have to work in the international  and competitive modeling industry in New York. But I know that it had taken a bigger amount of faith and hope to get me here.  I am soooo excited for this.  God Bless

Flaviana Matata