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All children are created equal, but some peak before others and that is why child prodigies sparkle so much as society’s treasures when discovered.  Kieron Williamson a playful looking 8 year old with sandy blond hair looks quite regular for being an artistic genius who just sold a painting dubbed ‘Mini Monet’ for $235,804 at Picturecraft Gallery in Holt, UK.  The last notable paint virtuoso was Picasso, and a regular boy who can be compared to the likes of a master is promising and many galleries will be eyeing Kieron for first dibs on his original works.  His technique is mature which allows him to conduct his vision more liberating through his impeccable execution.

When Kieron is not brushing canvas with paint, he is a typical boy that enjoys running around and playing soccer or playing computer games.  One family vacation in 2008 to Devon and Cornwall, his childlike curiosity took a monumental turn when he asked his parents for some paper so he can draw the landscape that he was seeing.  What came out of it was a typical drawing from a pint-sized 5 year old, but as he kept drawing his skills improved immensely leading to art classes where he truly flourished in his element. 

Kieron’s work is taken off gallery walls as fast as 15 minutes into a show, and there is a 2,000 people waiting list for buyers from all over the world who want a taste of his landscape paintings.