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Angel Alvarez is one lucky dude, Dr. Vincent DiMaio, a forensic pathologist and author of ‘Gunshot Wounds, said that ‘I would say more than 20 gunshot wounds is a record,’. So Alvarez broke a record according to Doctors. 

Angel Alvarez, 23, shot Luis Soto of the Bronx before falling in a hail of gunfire in a wild shootout with NYPD officers early Sunday, police said.

Alvarez’s sister, Kimberley Creer, 29, said doctors confirmed they had removed at least 21 slugs from his body.

‘That’s ridiculous,’ she said. ‘In the arms, legs, abdomen, jaw. … He’s doing all right. He’s talking.’

Alvarez’s lawyer, John Carney, put the number of shots at 23, but said his client was ‘awake and responding.’


‘He had chest and abdomen shots,’ Carney said. ‘It’s a miracle. They missed the heart and major arteries.’

DiMaio predicted that Alvarez would survive since the bullets missed vital organs and didn’t cause excessive bleeding. The risk of infection remained the gunman’s biggest hurdle.

‘Listen, if you make it to thehospital and you can talk, 99% of the time, you’ll make it,’ DiMaio said. ‘He’ll survive.’

DiMaio said the most gunshot wounds he’d ever examined in one person was 17, in aTexas man a decade ago. ‘Theguy was complaining about thepain,’ he said. ‘I told him, ‘You’re lucky to be alive.”

In New York City, Joseph Guzman was struck at least 11 times in the 2006 police shooting that killed Sean Bell. Guzman received $3 million in a settlement with the city.