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The iPad 2 went on sale on Friday afternoon. Thousands of people lined up for Apple’s “magical device” around the country. Did you line up? Did you camp out for days with without food or water and only a dream?  If you said no, then you could have made $900.00. That’s what college student Amanda Foote did after waiting online for 44 hours. 

Foote arrived at the midtown Apple store on Wednesday at 5 PM with the intention of selling her number 1 spot. 

“I got the idea after reading about the iPhone 4,” the college student told Mashable. “I am a college student and it’s kind of an easy way to make money. It’s kinda fun.”

Foote sold her spot to a businessman who wanted the device with him on a business trip. She plans to use the money for Lady Gaga concert tickets.

Check out the pics on the following pages and see if you can spot your friends in the long lines for the iPad 2.


Ipad 2 line in SoHo, NYC.


iPad 2 Lines at Mall of America in Bloomington, MN.


The iPad 2 line in Danbury, Connecticut.


The iPad 2 line on 5th Avenue in NYC.