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There’s all this talk about Black women’s hair these days. I mean, Oprah even let Chris Rock run his fingers through her natural locks. Now if that isn’t progress…

Anyway, for those who haven’t had an opportunity to see it yet, the documentary GOOD HAIR takes a contemporary look at the journey of the hair weave and the hairstyle choices of black women. Natural, curly, weave, short, long and even the press and curl are all explored in a fantastic comedic tone… and presented to you by my good friend CHRIS ROCK.

(Yes, this film gives away some of the weave secrets and issues we wouldn’t dare discuss with our men. But put it this way, the next time you need to spend 8 hours at the hair salon your man won’t be blowing up your phone.)

The truth is… ALL hair is GOOD HAIR. And I’m certainly not mad at anyone who chooses to add on to what God has provided. Personally, I’ve run the entire gamut of hairstyles: mini-afro, a permed shoulder length bob, long weave and of course my classic short Nia cut (which I’m back to right now).

GOOD HAIR is healthy hair!!

As Black women, we have to work with what we have and embrace our afro-centric features. So while it’s important to instruct our daughters at a young age how to appreciate and care for their natural locks, it’s even more important to teach them to find beauty in the individual images they see in the mirror. Loving yourself builds self-esteem, confidence and creates generations of powerful women!

To all my sistas, love the person YOU see in the mirror, from the inside out. The same way you find the hours to spend in the beauty salon, make the time to work on finding peace in your spirit. Then your hair will merely be the frame to the beautiful picture you present to the world. 

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