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I was brought to tears by the President’s simple, but truthful approach to building a bridge with the Muslim world.  This is the real way to fight terrorism, through open and honest dialogue, where we promote love and destroy hate.  We are now witnessing the front line of the battle.  The battle for the hearts and minds of the young men who have believed in the hatred spewed by their terrorist leaders is beginning to be won when our President makes speeches like this.  But I couldn’t believe that even on CNN the President’s trip was met with skepticism.  For America to heal the wounds, we must actively work to heal our own hearts.  Thank God the President was deliberate, forthright and leading his people in his actions and speech this morning.  Now it’s time to have our hearts and actions catch up, as this is the way to healing.  Let’s eradicate Islamophobia.  Start now in your own heart and let’s really make this a new beginning!!!