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Michael B. Jordan was chosen to play Oscar Grant before the role even existed. Who knew?!

With Fruitvale Station’s highly anticipated premiere coming up on July 12th, the up and coming actor took some time to sit down with GlobalGrind and talk about how significant the film has been for him. At one point, Michael even shares:

“I prayed a lot to Oscar during this.”

We could only imagine the emotional strain this must have had on the young actor, who’s been tasked with telling the story of a man that was unjustly murdered by a cop, who was only sentenced to 2 years, and served even less – 11 months.

When asked if this is every actor’s dream role, Michael responds:

“I think so… especially with the script that he wrote. It was pretty incredible. I still have my tear-stained script from when I first read it – it was incredible. As an actor you always dream of having material that showcases what you can do.”

Wow! Check out the video above for a compelling interview where Michael discusses Trayvon Martin, being compared to Denzel Washington, and much more.