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Gone are the days where Rihanna’s looks are unattainably expensive, and present are the times where we can see her in something, and search her River Island collection for a replica look. 

The Bajan beauty was spotted trying to get in touch with her island roots by sunning on a Diamonds World Tour stop in Poland, and for the occasion, she opted for a mint green bikini, a leather visor and a “Fenty” name chain. 

But what is a Ri-move without it being a form of self-promo and brand building? The beauty paired the bikini with the $112 white Rihanna Crochet Midi Skirt available through her summer collection with the UK based brand River Island. 

Take a closer look at the $112 skirt below: 

Melissa Forde was also repping for her bestie at the beach, as she covered up her bikini in a pair of Green Tie Dye Rihanna Shorts from the same collection that retails for $87 on River Island’s website. 

Melissa’s $87 shorts from the collection features a zipper fastening and “R” logo button.

Rihanna doesn’t really need to tweet links and promo socially, she’ll just have you all watch ‘n learn. 

Check out more pieces from her collection at River Island. 

And here is a bonus, some filthy mouth RiRi in action. Guess her beach day wasn’t as sexy as it looked.