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It looks like Kanye West is rubbing off on Lamar Odom

The NBA baller (who we all know is married to his ride or die Khloe Kardashian) completely snapped on the paparazzi yesterday, bashing a car with camera equipment and then throwing it all over the streets. Guess that couples massage with Khloe didn’t help Lam Lam with his stress issues. 

Photos of the altercation made their way online and it looks like Lamar caught the holy ghost of Yeezus after the paps asked him if he was having marital problems with Khloe. 

Lamar asked the paps to stop taking pictures of him, saying, “Put your cameras down and let me talk to you man to man.” When that didn’t happen, Lamar allegedly went inside the pap’s car, grabbed a metal rod and started bashing the side of the photographer’s car. 

After he was done with that, Lamar went inside the car of another photographer, grabbed a small suitcase and hurled the contents all over the street. According to the photo agency Splash:

Lamar was clearly angry and walked back to the camera bag, picking up its contents and looking as if he placed it in his Mercedes, only to drive off leaving the photographers standing in the street wondering what was going on.

It wasn’t all drama for Lamar Odom though. After his tirade against the paparazzi, he was cool enough to stop and take a picture with a fan.

Lamar is such a nice guy….If you’re not the paparazzi! 

His wife Khloe sure seems to think so. She tweeted: 



Damn, Khlo. You tell ’em. 

SOURCE: Photo Credit: Splash