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UH OH! Is that a sweaty armpit stain I see?

With the heat wave coming thru and it being one of the hottest summers on record, sweaty pits have become the thing we see. From jacket to tees, blouses to tank tops, sweaty pits are one thing that cannot be fixed or easily covered. 

Yes, there’s deodorant or the use of a hand fan or airconditioner. Nothing seems to workwell enough to get rid of or prevent those embarssing stains from occuring, especially during the hot summer months. 

Celebrities get “the shit of the stick” when it comes to sweaty pits because they are always in the spotlight. So here is to the celebrities that rock the look of sweaty pits.

Alicia Keys doesn’t look too thrilled. She must have seen her pits.

Madonna just wants to sweat all night long.

“Peek-a-boo!” said Robery Downy Jr.’s pit stain.

Natasha wants the whole world to see her mark, its the size of Texas!

He is all smiles and sweats during his night out on the prowl Cuba Gooding Jr.

Louis Walsh arrives with pit stain style to the set of his show. 



“Yeah! I have pit stains and I’m proud of it.” -Vin Diesel

Norman Cook uses his pits for that extra flavor sometimes (shhhh).

Madonna’s pits just can’t stop. They can’t handle the New York heat sometimes, I guess.

Say hello to Ashton Kutcher’s pits!

Brian Kelley’s Tyler Hubbard’s pit stains are ones for the books. Look at their shape.

Mini pits for The Braxton’s?

“Hey! Check out my pits.” – Victor Ortiz

Say “bye bye!” to Noel Gallagher’s pit as he gets into the car.

Are Michael Tyson’s pits as bad as he is? I don’t want to know.

Tony Parker and his pits wave hello to fans.


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