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Comedian Rickey Smiley has been making millions laugh for over 20 years with his reputation for translating real life into comic relief. Alongside his funnyman title, Smiley also holds a list of monikers, including television host and syndicated radio personality.

In spite of being one of the few “clean” comedians that exist in today’s stand-up circuit, he continues to hold his own and remain a standout figure in the competitive world of comedy.

With audiences being treated to a host of skits from his original characters “Mrs. Bernice Jenkins,” “Lil’ Darryl” and “Beauford the Repo Man,” we decided to round up five of our favorite Smiley character moments.

Prepare to get your laugh on while watching these vids below.

One of Smiley’s original skits includes Sister Bernice Jenkins performing a hilarious rendition of the Sunday morning church announcements:

“Lil Darryl” is a classic Rickey Smiley fan comedic fave, take a peek at his portrayal of the elementary classmate here:

Another Smiley classic is his display of the various church hats seen on a typical Southern Sunday morning:

“Aye Dawg.” Pay attention as the funnyman pranker calls his own Uncle Melvin as…Uncle Melvin:

Listen as the comedian plays a prank on one unsuspecting woman as southern redneck “Beauford The Repo Man.” Here he calls to inform the gullible prankee that he is on the way to repo her car: