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Investigators will try to determine if a woman who died while riding a roller coaster at a Six Flags amusement park in North Texas fell from the ride after some witnesses said she wasn’t safely secured.

A spokeswoman for the park says the accident happened just after 6:30 p.m. Friday at Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington but didn’t specify what exactly happened. However, witnesses told local media outlets the woman, un-named, fell.

Carmen Brown of Arlington told The Dallas Morning News:
“She goes up like this. Then when it drops to come down, that’s when it (the safety bar) released and she just tumbled,” 

The witness adds:

“They didn’t secure her right. One of the employees from the park — one of the ladies — she asked her to click her more than once, and they were like, ‘As long you heard it click, you’re OK.’ Everybody else is like, ‘Click, click, click.’ “

She continues:

“Hers only clicked once. Hers was the only one that went down once, and she didn’t feel safe, but they let her still get on the ride,”

 The NY Daily News reports:

Six Flags expressed sadness over the death and said the ride would be closed Saturday.

“We are working closely with authorities to determine the cause of the accident,” Parker said in a statement Saturday. She also said a concert scheduled for Saturday had been canceled.

So sad! Our condolences are with the victim of the accident,

SOURCE NY Daily News

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