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Just as fashion trends are always changing, New York Fashion Week may be undergoing some major changes, too.

The iconic semi-annual Fashion Week could possibly say goodbye to the Lincoln Center, where it’s been held for the past three years, to relocate. No, it isn’t leaving New York, but in about four years, it just might have a new home in Hudson Yards.

According to Woman’s Wear Daily, a brand new cultural center is in the works with a $300 million price tag. The 198,000 square feet and five-floor Culture Shed of Hudson Yards will be tailor made for fashion shows with its four runways, exhibition space, and studios. The multi-use building will stand at 140 feet and allow for utilization of both indoor and outdoor spaces of its location on West 30th street between 10th and 11th Avenues.

High-fashion designer Diane von Furstenburg, who is also president of the Council of Fashion Designers of America, told WWD the space would be a perfect fit for Fashion Week:

I am super excited about the Culture Shed. It will be a huge cultural center, and yes, a wonderful place for fashion week.

Although there’s no doubt that the center will draw the masses, the developers behind the project have already figured out how to make it even better with a 750,000-square-foot retail center.

It all sounds like a designer’s dream, and we could start seeing the Shed being put to use as soon as 2017.


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