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Kanye West may be a bit of a polarizing individual, but he’s also someone who gives back to his community.

Come August, Kanye’s non-profit organization Donda’s House – in collaboration with the ARK of Sabrina – will launch a music and writing program called Got Bars for at-risk youth in the South Side of Chicago, ages 15-24. The program will be a 10-week initiative that will serve as a creative outlet for participants involved.

They’ll be shown how to improve physical health and create an original written piece that will be performed or published when the program comes to a close. 

“I am so happy to launch Got Bars to honor Kanye West’s mother’s memory and to fulfill one of my Aldermanic campaign goals. Got Bars will change our youth musically, get them healthy and keep them busy in a creative, peaceful environment. I know it will be an even stronger program because of our partnership with the ARK of St. Sabina,” Donda’s House co-founder and Assistant Director Rhymefest said.

You gotta love ‘Ye and Rhymefest for this!

SOURCE: Complex