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Drizzy Drake is for the children!

It’s been obvious for years now that Drake is a lover of all things, especially things like hookahBeyonce, awkward hand movements, horrible sweaters, and Lil Wayne, but the sweetest thing Drake has love for is children.

Although Drake’s Instagram page isn’t the most exciting, he does open up a little to let the world know that he “luh da kids.”

Drake’s always posting adorable pictures of him and his OVO homies’ beautiful children, and we kind of like it.

Besides the kids being the cutest friggin’ things on the planet, seeing a kid-loving Drake is cute too. And from the looks of his Instagram, Drake’s basically going to be the BEST FATHER OF ALL TIME!

Let’s be real. How many rappers do you know that play peek-a-boo, make silly faces, and basically become a child themselves when playing with kids?

Uhhh…your answer should be none.

So we here at GlobalGrind decided to round up 11 adorable pictures of Drake doing awesome things with children that make all the ladies say “awww, Drake’s going to be a great baby daddy.” (OK, maybe not that quote exactly, but something close).

Check out all the photos of Drake kickin’ it with the kiddies down under…