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Drake’s for the children, and he’s inspiring them too.

Undroppable creator Jason Pollock was featured as the commencement speaker at Schenectady High School’s 2013 graduation. Unlike most commencement speakers, Jason didn’t deliver a long drawn out speech about life’s hurdles, success, and overcoming challenges.

Instead, Jason pulled some inspiration from his “favorite” rapper Drake’s smash hits “Started From The Bottom,” “No New Friends,” and of course, the infamous “YOLO” slogan. During his speech, Jason stated:

“It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or you’re poor. Started From The Bottom is really for everybody, because we all started from the bottom. We all have to start from the bottom with emotional stuff. We have to start from the bottom with, you know, maybe being depressed. We have to start from the bottom with maturity, with understanding of the world. With morals, with ethics. And so each of you had to start from the bottom, and now you’re here. And I honestly congratulate you for that, and I want you guys to remember that Started From The Bottom, and life in general, it’s not about money and fame. You need to redefine what success is. And I think Drake is also trying to show us that the rappers and basketball players in our community aren’t the only heroes. Started From The Bottom is for all of you too. You graduates are truly leaders of this community, and let’s give them a round of applause.

Drake is currently embarking on his “Would You Like A Tour?” tour with Miguel and Future. The Toronto rapper is also set to release his forthcoming new album, Nothing Was The Same,  on September 17.

Check out the hilarious video at the 5:20 mark up top.

SOURCE: Complex

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