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It’s our guilty pleasure, the show we all know and love: Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta.

The show just finished wrapping its second season last week and tonight, Vh1 is airing part one of the two part reunion.

This season was a great one filled with hilarious moments, fights, and some new relationships. We got the chance to see K.Michelle pursue her music career, Tracey Steele’s struggle with DJ Baby Drew, Joseline and Stevie J’s crazy antics and so much more.

In light of the reunion airing tonight, we wanted to give you 11 reasons why you need to make sure you don’t miss it!

1. Joseline Hernandez will probably go off on MiMi, calling her “Molly The Maid.” LOL

2. K.Michelle kills the competition with her funny one-liners.

3. Momma Dee will do and say whatever it takes to protect her palace.

4. Scrappy and Erica will finally put the chatter to rest and speak on the status of their on and off relationship.

5. Stevie J will without a doubt do his rat face.

6. Let’s see if Rasheeda is taking back Kirk for cheating on her.

7. After the last episode, we all want to know if Joseline and Stevie J are really engaged.

8. You know Momma Dee is gonna go off on Erica and her mother Mignon and probably misspell a word or two.

9. Shay is a woman scorned, so you know she will be setting the record straight about her ongoing beef with Erica.

10. I doubt Mimi will leave us hanging on whether or not she is still dating artist/producer Nikko.

11. Tracey and Drew clearly still have feelings for each other and will be discussing the status of their relationship tonight.

Make sure you guys are tuned in for the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Part 1 reunion at 8 p.m. on Vh1.