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What you gonna do when they come for you!

New Hampshire State Trooper Christopher Cummings arrested Carley Williams two days after he found out that she lied about her father dying so she could get out of a speeding ticket.

On August 2, Cummings noticed that Williams was driving 82 mph in a 65 mph zone. When he was about to issue her a ticket, Williams began emotionally telling him that her father was on his death bed.

“I’m pretty used to people trying to bend the truth to get out of speeding citations, but this woman preyed on my emotions as a human being” the state trooper said. “She told me her father had stage four cancer, that he was breathing only six breaths a minute, and that she was trying to make it to the hospital before he passed.”

Believing she was being sincere, the trooper let her go. However, just to make sure that he wasn’t being deceived, Cummings decided to call the hospital Williams said her father was staying in.

That was when he found out that no patient by her father’s name was staying there. When he dug a little deeper, he discovered that Williams’ father had already passed away five years ago.

“I was upset,” said Cummings.”For someone to lie about their deceased father just to get out of a speeding ticket was pretty upsetting to me as a person.”

Not only that, but Cummings also found out that Williams had a suspended license. Two days after the incident, the state trooper went to her house and arrested her.

“This wasn’t personal, it was a matter of law. The violation happened in my presence, so I made the arrest,” he said.

Williams was charged with driving with a suspended license and speeding.

Moral of the story: Lie if you want to, but it won’t do you any good. The New Hampshire police mean business.

SOURCE: DailyMail UK

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