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Arizona Governor Signs Contraversial Immigration Bill Into Law

Let’s face it.

We totally do not live in a post-racial world. And as a black person, I can already hear the dissent to this post…the yelps about how bringing these “faux-racial issues”  up in conversation leads to some type of racial exasperation in society. Basically, mentioning white, black or race in conversation just creates a problem.

Ladies and gentlemen…

Will Ferrell Elf Gif

It’s nice to think that racial tension was a thing of our grandparents’ past and that the same issues they dealt with (ahem…slavery and segregation) count as the only racist shit of America’s past.

And the truth…and the honest to God truth…is that race still permeates our society…BIG TIME.

But there will be those who will try to say that racism doesn’t exist. Enter exaggerated eye roll. But that’s probably…

Because our president is black…obvi…

Obama Handshake

Because of Miley Cyrus’ new favorite hobby…

miley cyrus twerk

Yeah, that one…


Because the key part of the Voting Rights Act has been deemed unconstitutional…meaning “we don’t need it.”

voting rights paula deen

Because tough rappers can have nice conversations with old white women…

Jay z on train old lady

Or hang out with little white kids…

jay z picasso

Because of the tragedy and embarrassment that is the word ratchet

Because this woman…


Is everyone’s God…and a billionaire…


Because Paula Deen said the N-word a long time ago when it was “acceptable.” Not recently…(can you hear me scoffing?)


Because they eat it too…

eating chicken gif

Because previously “urban” neighborhoods in Brooklyn and D.C. are totally diverse and trendy…(it’s called gentrification…sheesh)

living in brooklyn

Because everyone has at least one black friend…and you can ask them anything…


Because Jim Crow is over…

aint nobody got time for segregation

Because this guy is all of us in one…and we love him…

drake gif

And because this nice lady isn’t black…and she gets stopped and frisked too…(3:52 mark)

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
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And there you have it. Indisputable proof that racism does not exist in 2013.

Unless you see things differently, like me. In which case  you were probably like this the whole time you were reading this post:


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