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You know those people who claim they aren’t racist because they have at least one black friend?

Well, they are lying. Probably not about the racist bit, but a recent poll shows that nearly 40 percent of white people are lying about their black buddy.

According to Reuters:

About 40 percent of white Americans and about 25 percent of non-white Americans are surrounded exclusively by friends of their own race, according to an ongoing Reuters/Ipsos poll.

Looking at a broader circle of acquaintances to include coworkers as well as friends and relatives, 30 percent of Americans are not mixing with others of a different race, the poll showed.

These percentages highlight how segregated the United States remains despite the changing demographic and years of attempted healing of race relations. And in the wake of President Obama’s comments on racial prejudice and the George Zimmerman acquittal, it seems like we’re getting further away from the post-racial world we want.

This poll clearly diminished any argument that the interracial Cheerios commercial, a black president, and all of the reasons listed here are reasons we all live in racial harmony.

SOURCE: Reuters