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Raheem DeVaughn‘s debut album The Love Experience was released back in 2005. And after some time in the R&B scene, he is ready to give hearts something to beat about once more with his upcoming fourth studio album, A Place Called Love Land. The singer’s lead single “Love Connection” is an uptempo cut that definitely gives you an overall sense of what to expect from his latest project.

GlobalGrind linked up with Raheem DeVaughn to discuss A Place Called Love Land, the craziest thing that has happened to him while on tour, artists who find themselves apprehensive towards pertinent issues in society, and more.

Global Grind: “Love Connection” has definitely been heating up the R&B charts. Can you tell me about the inspiration behind your new album, A Place Called Love Land?

Raheem DeVaughn: The whole album is like a relationship type of vibe…the last album was a double CD that had some sexual content…this is reminiscent of my second album.

How is A Place Called Love Land different than your first album, The Love Experience?

I think I’ve grown as a songwriter, as a vocalist, and as a performer on stage. Those things are definitely three major necessities you need to have to have longevity in this business.

In the perfect world, how would you describe A Place Called Love land?

Orgasm, romantic, and kindness: Those are the three words I would you use to describe the album.

I’ve heard the song “Ridiculous” off of A Place Called Love Land. What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever done because of love?

I don’t think anything you do is ridiculous. My new single is “Ridiculous,” and that’s kind of the premise of the song and the video we just shot. If it’s ridiculous to love you this way, then call it ridiculous because I’m going to continue to love you this way.

 Sometimes when you’re in love you’re kind of irrational with your thoughts, and everything doesn’t make sense. Has that ever happened to you where you’ve been completely lovesick and your decisions weren’t rational?

Well, everybody’s felt like that at one time or another. The beauty about my music is that it’s not about me. It’s about my gift, in terms of how I make people feel when they cut their music on. Regardless of if they can sing or necessarily formulate the words, I try and help them out.

What can fans expect from this new album? I know you said you’ve grown as a writer, but what about sonically?

Sonically, music changes every 3-5 years. Hopefully I’m on the cusp of that change. And what I hear going on in my head is the type of music I need to be making.

 Are you going to be hitting the road soon? Are you going on tour?

Yeah, I’ll be touring in the fall and winter. We’re just wrapping up some spot dates right now.

What’s the craziest thing that ever happened to you on tour?

The craziest thing that ever happened on tour was a woman completely pulling out her cleavage area and touching herself.

 What’s your reaction when you see fans doing wild and crazy stuff? What the first thing that comes to mind?

Definitely that my fans are crazy! Then, there’s actually drinking. I’m not necessarily into all of that.

 Yesterday, we posted your single with Styles P “Trigger Man” on the site. Your track is kind of a tribute to Trayvon Martin. How do you think America can move on from this? What do you think the lesson is?

I don’t think it’s a situation where we’ll be able to move on… there’s always going to be a scenario that happens. It did happen again in Florida. That’s the incident you hear on the song at the end of the record. And if it continues to happen, I think people will actually wild out. There’s a few things that need to happen. I think there needs to be a review of the law, pertaining to the fact that if you kill a minor that you’re looked under a certain scrutiny…Second thing that needs to happen, us black people and anyone that supports the family and the movement or disagrees with the trial needs to speak out about it. That’s how the word gets out.

Do you think some artists and celebrities in this day and age are too afraid to speak out because they’re afraid of losing a headphone deal or a Pepsi deal, or whatever sponsorship they have? Do you feel like artists are choosing between what’s socially right and keeping quiet because they don’t want to be launched into a polarizing situation?

In my opinion, that’s a sucker move on their part. As an artist if you’re not able to speak your mind, then you shouldn’t be doing this.

As a black man do you feel like black men’s lives in America are devalued or less valuable than your white counterparts?

Definitely. We’ve been written off enough in my opinion.

I know the album is coming out soon. Do you have a release date for that? And what else are you working on?

Yeah. I’ll be making an announcement regarding the release date very soon. And as far as other stuff I have going on, I have a radio show that I’ve been doing for almost two years now. It’s doing extremely well. A lot of my peers are on the show, and I’ve performed on my show recently as well.

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