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The day is almost here.

For years, many in America have wanted to know what the deal is with Lindsay Lohan and her downward spiral with fame.

Now, we’re finally getting the chance to find out as she’s sat down with Oprah for her Next Chapter series, and she doesn’t hold back!

In a new video preview, we see Lindsay dressed up and ready to answer the Queen of Talk Show’s brutally honest questions that everyone wants to know the answers to.

From asking about her addiction to her being “addicted to the chaos”, to what will be different this time around, Oprah goes in!

Meanwhile in other Lindsay news…. this happened!

It looks like Lindsay has been enjoying life post-rehab lately, since she recently got to hang out with Shaquille O’Neal, who swept her off her feet…literally!

In a new pictures on Lindsay’s twitter, Shaq picked the 27-year-old up in his arms as they both gave a huge smile for the camera.

Too cute! We love seeing Lindsay so much happier and hope it lasts!