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New York’s own bad guy, 50 Cent, finds himself enthralled in a beef once again.

During a Mixshow Live Summit in Atlanta, 50 Cent was promoting his new artist Kidd Kidd and called for Philly rapper Meek Mill to come out on stage. All was well, until 50 spotted a member of Meek Mill’s entourage Trav.

Apparently, 50 doesn’t like Trav who formerly had ties with G-Unit and Lloyd Banks. When 50 spotted Trav he immediately told him to step off stage, which sparked an awkward exchange of words. Meek Mill immediately told the organizers to cut the music as he tried to diffuse the situation.

After the incident, Meek Mill took to Twitter to make it clear he isn’t getting in the middle of 50 Cent and Trav’s beef.  Meek tweeted:

“Don’t involve me wit trav and 50 words they had on stage they got they own relationship!”

Rumor has it that 50’s beef with Trav stems from a Twitter exchange about 50 Cent’s tumultuous relationship with Lloyd Banks, but those tweets have since been deleted.

Watch the heated exchange go down in the video up top.