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Jennifer Aniston has certainly had quite a rumor mill swirling around her as of late. Especially after she showed up a recent red carpet with a rounder tummy and a newlywed glow. 

Rumor has it the We’re the Millers hottie and her beau, Justin Theroux, tied the knot in a secret ceremony.

But the supposedly hushed nuptials were really just a birthday party Jen threw for Justin at their Bel-Air home. They invited, of course, a list of high-end celebs (Jimmy Fallon and his wife, Ellen DeGeneres and wife Portia de Rossi, etc).

“It’s a birthday. Not a wedding,” Jen said during a recent interview at an Australian radio show.

Yes, they celebrated Justin’s birthday exactly one year after he proposed to Jennifer, the NY Daily News reported. But despite the sentimental symbolism, there were no secret vows exchanged.

And that rumored baby bump?

“Just a couple of pounds,” she said.

Well, there you have it. There’s no baby on the way for Justin and Jennifer – yet.