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Trayvon Martin, we haven’t forgotten about you.

And Dot2Dot, which describes itself as a “carefully curated community of accomplished and informed young leaders, who, between our members, represent pioneering voices of nearly every major narrative shaping today’s America,” is making sure that both Trayvon and America’s voice is heard.

Justice must be served.

According to the site:

A principal long-term goal of the group is to unite diverse American communities – both cultural and professional – into a more intimate dialogue about shared values and towards shared efforts.

It should be understood that none of the following statements represent an official position of the group – this is to say, each person below is speaking exclusively for themselves. Rather, our tribute is a testament to the force of impact that the killing of Trayvon Martin and the acquittal of George Zimmerman had on a boundary-less range of human beings across this country, of varying backgrounds and identities. Within our own intensely diverse group, across a wilderness of differences in culture and custom, we were able to find in the story of Trayvon Martin a singular and shared understanding: of the universal value of human life, of the tragic weight of human suffering, and of the human gasp, primal and unrelenting, for the breath of justice.

Check out some of the powerful images and statements below: