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Big Sean is stunting like he got his first chain with this one.

Now that the dust has settled from Big Sean’s “Control” bonus track, the Detroit rapper’s “First Chain” collaboration with Nas and Kid Cudi has hit the ‘net.

Earlier in the year, Big Sean mentioned he linked up with the God MC Nas for his sophomore effort. On the soulful mellow track, Nas takes a trip down memory lane while Sean’s former G.O.O.D Music homie Kid Cudi takes control of the hook.

Not too sure if this song was recorded before or after Kid Cudi parted ways from Kanye’s label, but at the end of the track, Kid Cudi states “G.O.O.D Music n*gga, forever…understand?”

“First Chain” is off Big Sean’s forthcoming album, Hall Of Fame, due out August 27.

Take a listen to Big Sean’s latest offering below.

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