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Anna Kendrick proved to be a spunky songstress with an instrumental quirk for cups, and in the latest issue of GQ, she’s giving us a peek at another pair of cups, this time of the fleshy variety.

Anna went topless for the men’s mag, who interviewed her on her latest role as an alcoholic in her upcoming movie Drinking Buddies and her stance on drunken hookups:

If sex is off the table, and you’re like “Let’s try to get to know each other,” I would recommend drinking. Highly.

Her drink of choice? She’s a fan of beer, “every single Belgian-style beer,” to be more specific.

If you are interested in getting to know Anna on a more romantic level, she gives you the rundown on her first date dos and don’ts, like for instance, the Del Taco drive-thru is A-OK with her if you can make it romantic.

Who should pay on the first date:

Paying on a first date is a tricky thing because even though it’s meaningless, if a guy doesn’t, or doesn’t offer, it suggests poor judgement more than anything else.

On what not to talk about on the first date:

Two subjects to never bring up on a first date are anything to do with the actual reality of your family, and, you know, liver cancer and how we’ve probably all got it.

Before you catch her funny flick when it hits theaters this Friday, watch what else she has to say about dating her and check out the rest of her interview in GQ, on newsstands now.