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One of R&B’s most cosmic beauties, Janelle Monae is lending VIBE Vixen her CoverGirl skills. The songstress covers their new issue and also chatted with the mag regarding her new album The Electric Lady (which drops September 10th), her rocker-esque persona, and her quest to stay true to herself while remaining relevant in R&B.

For the shoot, the “Tight Rope” singer kept in line with her typical menswear-inspired style, and per usual, she added a feminine touch with bold jewel accents and heels. Throughout the shoot, Monae donned various dark hued pieces, including a scalloped bolero jacket and most notably, a daring floor-length tuxedo jacket.

Check out a few excerpts from the sit-down with VIBE Vixen here:

On the definition of an “electric lady:”

“An electric lady…is quirky, unafraid, epic and ‘nicety’—that’s when you’re being nice and nasty, noble and naughty, all at the same damn time.”

Her cosmic take on love and what she wants in a relationship:

“An android is my preference,”…“Two androids and a cyborg. I’m someone who sees your spirit and soul. I love passionate androids; one that knows exactly what it’s going to do in life. I like an android who knows how to handle and support an electric lady’s dreams and wings when it’s time to fly.”

On if she will ever have children:

“When the time is right, everything is about timing. But, right now I’m giving birth to this album.”

Steal a glimpse at the corresponding shoot of the Electric Lady herself, Ms. Janelle Monae:

For the full interview from the R&B maven, head over to VIBE VIXEN.


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