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Way to go Deborah Brown Community School, you made a 7-year-old cry.

The father of straight “A” student Tiana Parker had to yank his daughter out of class after school officials told the little girl her hair wasn’t presentable…because she had locs in her hair.

“She’s always presentable. I take pride in my kids looking nice,” said Terrance Parker. “She went to the school last year and didn’t have any problems…it hurt my feelings to the core.”

But the charter school, with its own set of rules, told Tiana that the common (and beautiful, we might add) style was unacceptable.

“They didn’t like my dreads,” said a crying Tiana. “I think they should let me have my dreads.”

Others styles that aren’t allowed? Afros, mohawks and anything they deem “faddish.”

But not to worry. Little Tiana is now at a different school where she is able to rock her hair however she wants.

And we want to send her a message…you’re beautiful baby girl, no matter what that school says.