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Baltimore Ghetto May Become Biotechnology Park

UPDATE: Thursday, September 5, 2013

Ghetto Tracker is no more.

According to the Atlantic Wire:

After two days of intense Internet criticism, Good Part of Town — the start-up formerly known as Ghetto Tracker before the company realized the name wasn’t “serious” enough — has shut down.

The creator just didn’t think all the fuss about the startup was worth the trouble. No…really:

Ghetto tracker


What’s a rich person to do when they travel to a new area but want to avoid all the crummy poor people?

Use Ghetto Tracker, apparently.

A new startup (and yes, the original name is Ghetto Tracker, though it’s been renamed to “Good Part Of Town”) purports to alert rich travelers to the location of poor people and areas so that they can be avoided.

“We use a rating system that allows locals and people familiar with area rate which parts of town are safe and which ones are ghetto, or unsafe,” reads the site’s self-ascribed purpose for existing.

But is it really real or just something to get people who caught the racial undertones riled up?

When asked if Ghetto Tracker was indeed a real project or merely bad satire, its creators responded with this:

The only thing that’s satire is the name, and I’d classify it as more tongue-in-cheek. The functionality is very real and serious.

Well, there you go. Tactic number 67,897 for the rich to ignore the poor. Read an in depth review of the new startup, here.

SOURCE: The Week

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