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Earlier this morning, Lady Gaga delivered a Good Morning America performance that was certainly worthy of our “Applause.”

Gaga brought the 1939 Judy Garland classic The Wizard Of Oz to GMA’s Times Square in a theatrical fashion, where the stage was a yellow brick road with green curtains in the background. And the pop singer, who has a penchant for multiple outfits, wore a Dorothy costume, Glinda costume, and took it back full circle with a Lady Gaga-esque Dorothy.

The performance began with a rendition of the Oz song, “Over The Rainbow,” before it went into the lead single for her upcoming album, ARTPOP. Not only was the 27-year-old joined by the Tin-Man, Cowardly Lion, and Scarecrow, but her little monsters in the audience got to be a part of it, all by wearing flowers on their heads.

ARTPOP comes out November 11th.

Check out the performance up above, and the follow-up interview down below.