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TMZ just posted their full interview with Lamar’s “roommate” Polina Polonsky and boy, is it explosive. The woman who Lamar was living with is telling all about her time with the NBA baller, even claiming that he wouldn’t be as troubled as he is now if he was still living with her.

The lawyer also told TMZ about the time Khloe kicked in the door of her apartment to pull Lamar out when he was high on drugs.

“It was about 4:30, 5, in the morning. The hotel phone rang and it was a female voice asking for Lamar. At that point I realized who it was and I said hey Lamar, I think that was Khloe. He really didn’t care. In about 15-20 minutes later is when she came banging, knocking and kicking on the door.”

The confrontation turned up a notch when Khloe allegedly rushed Polina.

“She looked like an uncaged animal that was just let into the wild. She barged in there and bee lined towards me. I was shell shocked, I was in disbelief.”

However, Lamar appears to be functioning – regardless of his alleged crack cocaine habit. TMZ has obtained pictures of Lamar posing with some fans in an apartment building lobby.

The site also points out that Lamar has been spotted several times around that apartment building and it hasn’t been good.

Lamar’s been seen multiple times in the last few days wandering near the building late at night — and sure isn’t, outwardly anyway, acting like a guy in the grips of a serious crack addiction.

Let’s hope Lamar gets it together.