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In just a couple of hours, Floyd Mayweather will step into the MGM Grand in Las Vegas and defeat Junior Middleweight Kingpin Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez.

We know this because Floyd Mayweather doesn’t lose. Since turning pro in 1996, Floyd Mayweather has fought 43 fighters, beating them all, compelling a record of 44-0. (Floyd fought Jose Luis Castillo twice in 2002).

While Floyd’s opponent, Mexican Canelo, also has an undefeated record, 42-0, he does not share the same credentials as Floyd.

Mayweather is the best boxer in the world, and here are the reasons why (using gifs for help, of course).

He’s been doing it forever

In 1998, Floyd Mayweather beat hall-of-famer Genaro Hernandez to win the WBC Super Featherweight championship. He was only getting started: two years later he wiped out the great Diego Corrales, a win that propelled him to number one on most people’s pound-4-pound lists.

Since then, Floyd Mayweather has been regarded as the best boxer on the planet. That’s a crazy 15-year run that was only interrupted when he briefly retired after the Ricky Hatton fight in 2007.

Floyd’s defense is his best offense


The main reason Floyd has been able to stay on top of boxing for so long. So why is he so great at D? For one, he was born with amazing reflexes. Also, he has an incredible ring IQ. Usually, fighters come with one or two game plans: Floyd often makes adjustments in a 12 round fight; dudes just can’t catch up.

Floyd’s signature move is the shoulder roll: It’s a move where he uses his shoulder to protect his chin from punches, with the blows landing on his arms. It’s a tactic the great James Toney popularized in the early ’90s, and Floyd perfected in the 2000s.

Honestly, it’s almost impossible to hit Floyd cleanly.

It’s not only D that makes him great, Floyd has a crazy mean streak

First of all: Floyd is a shark. If he smells blood, he’ll attack brutally. Examples of Floyd’s mean streak include the time he legally sucker punched Victor Ortiz after Ortiz purposely head-butted him and then tried to apologize. The other notable example is when he gave Arturo Gatti a brutal beating in front of 19,000 of his fans in New Jersey.

Floyd is TOUGH 

Don’t get it mixed up, ya’ll: Floyd don’t like to get hit, but that doesn’t mean he don’t mind hitting. We’ve only seen Floyd in any real trouble a couple of times, and every time, Floyd has passed the toughness test with flying colors.

Floyd has been in rough with the likes of DeMarcus “Chop Chop” Corley, Shane Mosley, Zab Judah and Miguel Cotto. Each time, Floyd was able to withstand and dish out large portions of pain.

Floyd’s resume is crazy

Considering how dominant he’s been over the last 15 years, people like to grade Floyd on a crazy curve. Even though Floyd did duck some dudes throughout his career (what happened with Antonio Margarito, Floyd?) Floyd has beat some of boxing’s greatest fighters, including some notable hall-of-famers like Miguel Cotto…

Oscar De La Hoya

Shane Mosley

Juan Manuel Marquez…

And soon Canelo Álvarez.

Check back with us on Monday for the Canelo-getting-kocked-out-gif.

Until then, check out the tunes Floyd Mayweather will listen to before his big fight tonight.