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If recent Instagram posts are any indication, Wiz Khalifa is a model in the making.

Amber Rose‘s husband has been showing off his personal style while posing in designer threads outside of his huge home, in front of luxury cars, and beside a true blue pool we’d love to take a dip in.

Of course the rapper kept his jewelry on for the flicks, flaunting a variety of rings, earrings, and watches. If you know Wiz, however, you can imagine that jewelry isn’t the only thing he likes to collect.

Confirming our suspicions, he recently showed off two new bongs he received from a friend.

Wiz khalifa captioned one photo featuring his new toys: “Oil Swag”

The dinosaur must be his favorite of the two, as he called it a “Fuccin classic piece” and thanked it’s sender profusely.

Meanwhile, Amber takes every chance she can to show off her new dye job (which we love by the way) and her growing son Bash. Here they are playing around with a friend’s dog, who has a dye job of it’s own:

You have to love the Thomaz family!