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A California 10-year-old was sleeping in her bed at her home in Hayward when around 2am Thursday morning shots were fired outside and hit her in the buttocks.

Now this is where things get really weird!

Soon after, the little girl found her way out of her room and complained about a pain in her pelvic region.  He father says the girl’s mother and sister examined her and believed the blood was from her starting her menstrual cycle.

He told KPIX that he heard the shots, but thought they sounded like bulbs popping. Hayward Police Lt Mark Stuart told the San Jose Mercury News:

‘An older sister gave her a pad and told her to put it on and go back to bed,’

But when she woke up in the morning she was still in pain and that’s when her parents finally examined her more closely and noticed the wound on her buttocks.

Police were first suspicious as to why they were not called sooner. Hayward Police Sgt Mark Ormsby says:

‘How come we weren’t called? We really need to know why we weren’t called. If they were scared – understandable. But we still need to be out there to treat whoever we can treat.’

The young girls father says that it’s not routine to call the cops every time gunshots are heard as it happens often.

‘We don’t call the cops when you hear shots on the streets. I didn’t know it was in front of my house and I didn’t know my daughter was shot,’

Surprisingly, a doctor who examined the girl says it was easy for the parents to make the mistake since the entry wound is rather small.

Well we’re thankful this little girl is okay! Check the father’s account in the video above.