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Voluntary manslaughter isn’t enough for those fighting for justice in the Jonathan Ferrell case.

Officer Randall Kerrick was slapped with the charge after fatally shooting the unarmed 24-year-old 10 times, but family, friends and the NAACP are calling for stronger charges in the unnecessary and “barbaric” killing.

“It’s barbaric when you train your officers to shoot to kill and to kill no matter what,” said Kojo Nantambu, the president of the Charlotte chapter of the NAACP. “The killing of Jonathan Ferrell was not only murder, it was murder with extreme prejudice.”

Police say they consulted with prosecutors before filing the charges. Defense attorneys for Kerrick have also said that Ferrell was a threat and that he didn’t comply to Kerrick’s demands. But family attorney Christopher Chestnut, who watched the dash cam video, says Ferrell made it clear he was unarmed.

Nantambu said the case also shows why the city needs to strengthen the Citizens Review Board, which can examine police discipline when an officer is accused of using excessive force.

It’s unclear if Kerrick’s charges will be changed.

SOURCE: Charlotte Observer  | PHOTO CREDIT: Police Department