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We know about the fast fashion trickle down theory and just how detrimental it is – not only to the brands, but to the environment et cetera, et cetera. But never in a million years would we assume that “fast fashion” would mean an alleged (for legal purposes here) rip off of a collection just 15 days after it hit the runway.

During New York Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, New York native and one of the coolest guys around, Alexander Wang, debuted his Spring/Summer 2014 collection to a crowd of elite tastemakers. It’s pretty clear that Forever 21 was taking notes, because according to Racked, the company has already released a lower priced version of one of the standouts from his collection: clothing featuring the “Parental Advisory” label. 

Naturally there are a few differences; Forever 21 replaces the word “PARENTAL” with “NEW YORK” and retails at $13.80, while Wang’s creation rings in on the register at $995. But to be fair, none of the parties involved actually own the logo, so the FCC is the real winner here.

Take a look at Forever 21’s design below…or buy it here if you’re about the “look for less” life.