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Senate Republicans Speak To The Press After Weekly Policy Meetings

Dude. It’s time to have several seats.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) is determined to make his filibuster – or marathon talking protest – work in his favor to defund Obamacare. So he pulled an all-nighter in the U.S. Senate to advocate against Obamacare in a bizarre overnight speech that is not even technically a filibuster and probably won’t do much to delay or stop the Senate vote to restore funding.

So basically, this is a waste of his time.

The Senate is operating in “auto-pilot” mode and will hold its first procedural vote on the continuing resolution later this afternoon. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is expected to introduce an amendment at some point which will restore the funding of Obamacare to the continuing resolution. A final vote on passage of the stop-gap spending measure is expected to come late Sunday if all the time for debate is used. This leaves the House of Representatives with less than a day to work on the continuing resolution before the Oct. 1 deadline at which point the government would shut down.

But that didn’t stop Cruz from his 14-hour marathon in comfortable black tennis shoes.

“I will say standing here after 14 hours, standing on your feet, there’s sometimes some pain, sometimes some fatigue that is involved,” Cruz said on the Senate floor. “But you know what? There’s far more pain involved in rolling over…far more pain in hiding in the shadows, far more pain in not standing for principle, not standing for the good, not standing for integrity.”

And the talking marathon isn’t even the most impressive thing about this fake-filibuster.

The pop-culture references were.

Take a look below as Cruz reads Dr. Seuss’ “Green Eggs & Ham,” talks Duck Dynasty and compares the government to Star Wars.

Yeah…he tried it. But at the end of the day:


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