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Floyd Mayweather is the reigning champion in the world of boxing and we’ve known for quite some time  that the athlete had a great women standing by his side but as there’s been chatter that two split up Floyd is finally setting the record straight.

The champ hit up the Howard Stern show where he gushed over his on-and-off fiance, Shantel Jackson. He said:

“Yeah we’re still engaged… She’s my better half. I done already had enough p***y before I got to her. If God made anything better than p***y I don’t want it.

Well alright!

But it looks like there still aren’t any wedding plans in motion. He adds:

“We’re not really focused on marriage right now. I’m going to focus on taking her career to that next level. It’s about me being an asset, helping my better half.”

But get this! Things got a little lusty when Floyd admitted that he’s had up to four women at a time and found it overwhelming but says he’s happy with Ms. Jackson.

Ooo la la. Sounds like this guy is winning all around.


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