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Last season of Orange Is The New Black blew us away. Seriously. There was so much buzz about the show before it even aired, that Netflix had to renew it for a second season and thank God they did because – c’mon, you saw that last episode. Get it together Chapman!

Anyway, season two returns in 2014 and promises to be pretty epic. We’ll finally find out just what Chapman was thinking, see how Daya’s story will play out, and watch Piper and Alex’s relationship come to a close – damn you, Laura Prepon! Why are you doing this to us?

The cast has been hard at work filming season two and since they know a year is a damn long time to wait, they’ve been kind enough to share a few behind the scenes moments with loyal fans.

Check it out!

A new (adorable) face joins the cast this season. Move over, Little Boo!

The cast continues to post teaser photos from behind the scenes. Any guesses whose bunk this is?

Or whose boots these are? (Obviously someone on Red’s good side.)

It may be a new season with a few new faces and a lot of new drama, but the true fans rejoice because the cast remains the most adorable, perfect cast to ever hit the small screen.

Seriously. They just can’t help themselves!

Though 2014 seems light years away, we’re getting there, people. Before you know it Piper, Alex, Pensatucky, Yoga Jones, Tasty and the rest of the gang will be back on a laptop screen near you.

We can’t wait. Tell us what you’re most looking forward to seeing in season two!

PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram.