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Gladiators, get ready, because we have a treat for you. Scandal’s highly anticipated third season is slated to premiere tonight and ABC’s hit series is surely guaranteed to bring the drama. The blogosphere is buzzing about what’s going to happen between everyone’s favorite crisis-management advisor, Olivia Pope and President Fitz.  

Lucky for you, we got our hands on three Sneak Peeks, which are surely guaranteed to rattle your brain and have you running home to your television.

We know that the first episode, entitled “It’s Handled,” shows a clip of Olivia being escorted to a chamber to talk to the President after the secret of their affair has been exposed. In the clip, we come to discover a special alliance created for handling the crisis. Let’s just say you will be surprised by who it is.

In the second clip, we see Olivia and her father in an altercation, as her father yells, “the White House will destroy you.” Olivia’s reply: “That’s what mom used to tell me about you.” Can you say drama?

The last sneak peek shows Cyrus and James exchanging juicy details on how information is spilling out of the White House.

Be sure to check out the rest of the clips below and catch Scandal when it premieres tonight at 10 p.m. on ABC.