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It’s always hard to say goodbye.

On next week’s episode of Glee, fans and cast members will say goodbye to their beloved Finn Hudson, played by the late Cory Monteith. 

Glee creator Ryan Murphy spoke with E!Online about how “difficult” it was to film the tribute episode, as well as the pressure Cory Monteith and many young stars face when achieving fame so quickly. As you know, Cory suddenly lost his life due to a deadly mixture of drugs and alcohol.

Check out some excerpts from Mr. Murphy’s interview:

On working with Cory’s girlfriend Lea Michele on the episode:

“I’ve never seen a crew that you can’t continue shooting because they’ve left the room sobbing. It was very hard…”It was rough. It was very rough. It was very rough with Lea Michele … but I’m very proud of it. I think the performances are quite stunning. People still are not over it. It’s still very, very difficult.”

On the former cast being included:

“What I loved about it is, you know when you write something like that, there’s no right way to do it, so we wrote it and we put people who were under contract to the show in it,” he explained, “and a lot of the actors contacted me and said, ‘I just love him so much, can I please be a part of it?’ So we put those people in.”

On Monteith’s struggle to handle fame:

“It’s hard to do a young people’s show. That group of kids particularly went through the limelight and became world famous at a very difficult age, and many of them really struggled with it. And Cory, obviously, very much struggled with it, but never on the surface, and I think that’s why everybody loved him. He was the most kind, the most generous, never a bad word for anybody.”

Glee’s tribute to Cory Monteith airs next Thursday, October 10th at 9pm on FOX.