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Amber Rose is clearly enjoying motherhood.

This weekend, the mother and her 7-month-old son, Sebastian “The Bash,” spent some intimate moments together soaking up the sun at the pool.

Muva Rosebud could not wait to show off her little Bash’s swimming skills and posted a few photos on Instagram this morning. She wrote:

“My boy wants to learn how to swim at 7 months old…. So I’m gonna teach him”

She also added that though Little Bash is only 7 months, he’s a big boy.

“My Munchie is only 7 months old and wears 12-24 months clothes! He’s such a big boy…. He was born big. ❤”

“Bash’s Lil strong butt was trying to dunk me in the water today Lol we have so much fun together ❤”

Motherhood has never looked so good on Mrs. Cameron (Wiz Khalifa) Thomaz. Hopefully Amber and Wiz think about adding another little addition to the family soon.


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