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I know what you’re thinking.

Mr. John “Bitchy Resting Face” Boehner is nothing like our beloved Kanye. He’s stubborn, he shut down the government, he hates Obama and clearly America, since he’s OK with furloughing 800,000 federal employees, sending the country into economic calamity and shutting down the panda camera at the National Zoo.

And he’s clearly a brat, since he also refuses to hand over the government until he gets whatever it is he wants.

Which totally makes him a toddler and a contender for this site here.

But last night after watching that epic Jimmy Kimmel and Kanye interview, it dawned on me that the genius in leather jogging pants I love so much could actually be Boehner’s kindred soul. And yes, that made me die a little on the inside.

Well first of all, there’s this bitchy resting face, which is clearly definitive evidence:

Government Shutdown Enters Second WeekKanye west so serious

Then there was that time Boehner had a Kanye/Kimmel feud with Obama and did this:

Which was basically this…


Then there was the way Kanye looked at Kimmel when he was talking…


Which totally reminded me of this exchange…

Obama Meets With Members of Congress

And then there was this…


Which…HELLO! Could Boehner give any less fucks?

Watch Party Held For Obama's State Of The Union In New York

And this statement here brought it all together…


Because Boehner clearly has tons of confidence, feels like he’s always right and has the best ideas…hence the government shutdown and his “never backing down” attitude…

Congress Returns To The Hill As Government Shutdown Continues

And at the end of the day, this is pretty much how the world feels about these two polarizing figures…


Which is really unfortunate…because Kanye is just misunderstood…Boehner, on the other hand, is a complete dick. Pun definitely intended.

And in the end…I guess that one factor makes them not the same at all. 


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