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Can we please talk about the greatest love story of all time?

And no, I’m not talking about Quincy and Monica from Love & Basketball, which is clearly a legit and strong contender (but that’s another day…another throwback).

Romeo and Juliet of course. Well, Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet to be exact. And nothing encapsulated the drama, passion, tears, and fantastical love story quite like the eargasm of ’90s music in the movie’s soundtrack.

It’s a got damn God-given gift and I ain’t lying. Well, besides the Waiting To Exhale soundtrack…which again…another day, another throwback.

And if you’re questioning my authority to deem the soundtrack that plays while Leonardo DiCaprio runs around Verona beach all love-sick one of the best of all time, these are the reasons this soundtrack is still untouchable.

Because there was no greater love scene in the history of love scenes than the moment Romeo met Juliet with Des’Ree’s “Kissing You” fittingly playing in the background (be prepared to cry):

Because The Cardigans’ “LoveFool” ruled epic ’90s movies. No, seriously. It was in Romeo + Juliet (obvi):

And this one:

There’s a song by a band called Butthole Surfers that’s so ’90s rock that it makes me SICK for 1996 (these 2013 hipsters know NOTHING):

Because when “Young Hearts Run Free” by Kym Mazelle comes on in my favorite dive bar today, I still think about how much fun a drag-queen Mercutio (played by Harold Perrineau) was having in this scene:

Speaking of which…

Because the voice of a thousand baby angels was within this kid on the soundtrack (whose name is Quindon Tarver and he should have been the next Usher):

Because Radiohead’s “Talk Show Host” fits perfectly with Leo’s brooding eyes and wispy haircut:

And it conjures these beautiful images:

And because this is the perfect song for this perfect moment in Claire Dane’s cinematic history (press play and then watch the glorious gif):

And because…duh! Watch the original trailer below, which includes a mash-up of most of the songs on this epic soundtrack. And prepare to weep.

SOURCE: Giphy, Youtube