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In case you missed it, NFL star Adrian Peterson’s 2-year-old son was pronounced dead yesterday after being assaulted by his mother’s boyfriend, 27-year-old Joseph ‘Joey’ Patterson.

The little boy was brutally beaten on Wednesday while in Patterson’s home at Platinum Valley Apartments, Sioux Falls where he had recently moved with his mother. Patterson was the sole caregiver at the time.

Initially, police were told that the child had choked on candy. Only later did it emerge that his brain injuries were the result of abuse…and he was arrested after police found the child’s injuries were in fact consistent with abuse.

But, unfortunately, this isn’t the first time Patterson has been in trouble with the law. He actually has a pretty extensive criminal record, but the new charges are the most serious he’s faced.

Court documents reveal the 27-year-old has been arrested multiple times on various charges. He was arrested in 2004 for violating a protection order that a woman had requested against him, but that was later dropped by the prosecutor. A 2012 arrest for aggravated assault involving an ex-girlfriend and her three-year-old son where the woman requested a protection order saying that Patterson had spanked her little boy so hard that she had to ice the welts on his buttocks, according to the Argus – she also said that he choked and punched her, threatened her with a knife and held her in the bedroom against her will, according to records, but that was also dismissed by a prosecutor.

But, as part of prior charges, Patterson was ordered to undergo family violence training and to stay away from the woman until completing it.

Patterson has served time in jail for eluding officers in 2010. He was also sentenced to five days in jail after pleading guilty to simple assault last year. Patterson’s most recent arrest prior to this week was for violating the conditions of his bond. He again pleaded guilty and had all 360 days of his jail sentence suspended.

Patterson, a coffee salesman, who has a young child, named Porter, of his own, is currently being held in Minnehaha County Jail, South Dakota on $750,000 cash bond. He is scheduled to appear in court on October 23 but a grand jury indictment is expected before then.

Despite initial reports, the child killed was not Adrian Peterson Jr., the child that is often pictured with the Minnesota Viking. The 2-year-old that was tragically killed is from a previous relationship, and Adrian only learned he was the father recently, meeting him for the first time just this Thursday while the boy was on life support.

TMZ reports:

The mother of the child had a paternity test done with an ex she suspected to be the father, in an effort to collect child support from him. But the test turned up negative, so the woman went to Adrian … with whom she had a sexual encounter several years ago.

We’re told … when Adrian was first informed about the matter, he didn’t question the possibility he was the dad — but rather asked how he could help the situation.

Making matters even sadder, Adrian was reportedly planning a trip to South Dakota to meet the child for the first time and he was supposed to fly out later this month. When he heard the news about the attack on the 2-year-old, Peterson dropped everything and jetted over to Sioux Falls as soon as he could.

TMZ also reports Adrian has been very involved since the tragedy and was the one pushing to have the child’s organs donated to other people in need of a transplant.

As for Joey Patterson, Adrian has never met him.

During a vigil held in Sertoma Park, Sioux Falls to remember the little boy, one woman told the Argus Leader that Ty “was a spunky boy full of life, who was ‘always running, jumping and into everything… but whose big brown eyes made it hard to be mad at him.” Another attendee, Vanja Srdic, 27, described the two-year-old as “very happy, very strong-willed, so much potential, a go-getter little boy. His mom was his world.”

SOURCE:, Keloland.comTMZ | PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook

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