Dwyane Wade wanted to show his girlfriend Gabrielle Union some love on Instagram, but ended up totally messing up one of the social media site’s weekly hashtags!

We’ve all seen #MCM (aka Man Crush Monday) pop up on our timelines every week. Well, the all star guard for the Miami Heat decided he was going to use that time and that hashtag to show his love for his boo, Gabby.

He posted the above pic and wrote:

#MCM… “Age aint nothing but a number” #excusemecanigetaminofyourtime #StartedfromthebottomNowimhere

The picture was sexy, but #MCM is meant to highlight men. We get it D-Wade, you’re way too busy focusing on winning not 1, not 2, but 3 championships, to really pay attention to silly Instagram hashtags. Nice try.

Still that didn’t stop Gabby from repping her man. TMZ caught up with the Think Like A Man actress at LAX and she kept mum about any issues between Dwyane and rumored rival Kevin Durant. Check it out below.


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