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How much Beyonce is too much Beyonce?

There’s never enough, especially when she’s rubbed down in oil and smoking a cigar.

Earlier in the month, Beyonce released her 2014 calendar chock-fulla 12 months of B-days. The calendars were announced, released, and are now on sale for Bey stans worldwide, but what about the rest of us? Thankfully the mindful (and talented) folk over at Herring and Herring Photography have released some of the looks they were responsible for capturing for Beyonce’s 2014 cal.

We get a little Bey on the couch, a little Bey peeking in the bedroom, and a little Bey in high fashion. As per usual, we’re here for every bit of it.

In addition to the released shots, we also got a behind the scenes look at all the magic that goes into 12 months of Beyonce with a newly released video.

Check out the shots below.


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